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SELECT DISTINCT V_ID, V_Name1, V_Name1 FROM (((tblCactuShop1Versions INNER JOIN tblCactuShop1Products ON tblCactuShop1Versions.V_ProductID = tblCactuShop1Products.P_ID) INNER JOIN tblCactuShop1ProductCategoryLink ON tblCactuShop1Products.P_ID = tblCactuShop1ProductCategoryLink.PCAT_ProductID) INNER JOIN tblCactuShop1Categories ON tblCactuShop1ProductCategoryLink.PCAT_CategoryID = tblCactuShop1Categories.CAT_ID) LEFT OUTER JOIN tblCactuShop1Suppliers ON tblCactuShop1Products.P_SupplierID = tblCactuShop1Suppliers.SUP_ID WHERE P_Name1 <> '' AND V_Live ='y' AND P_Live = 'y' AND CAT_Live = 'y' AND V_CustomerGroupID IN (0,0) AND P_CustomerGroupID IN (0,0) AND CAT_CustomerGroupID IN (0,0) AND (SUP_Live <> 'n' OR SUP_Live IS NULL) AND (P_Reviews = 'y' OR P_Reviews = 'v') AND P_ID = 1821 ORDER BY V_Name1

Error Description : Ambiguous column name 'V_Name1'.

Page of error : /shop/review.asp

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