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Bongs and Glass Water Pipes : Roor Bongs, Ceramic Bongs, Glass Bongs and Water Pipes they're all here. We stock cannabis seeds, rolling papers, blunts, roor, easyleaf grinders, herb grinders, magazines and Books. Our Glass Pipes, Glass Bongs and Glass Bubblers are second to none.
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Annodised Pipes

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All our metal pipes are one price 5.00. No ifs no buts these pipes are worth every penny. Superior annodisation leads to longer life (of pipe! 8-} )these pipes are a little piece of craftsmanship. Go on slip a little bit of Weed City in yer pocket.


Angled Stand Up Pipe

Our Best Seller Angled Stand Up Pipe

This little angled beauty stands up on its own allowing you to load up with both hands free. Which seems to be popular for some reason! Anyway 1,000 people can't be wrong so buy one!

Buzz Bomb

take it everywhere Buzz Bomb

Very clever bit of design this pipe, completely smokeless and clandestine. Smoke anywhere it just hangs around your neck ready to rock and roll. With a helix twist to cool the smoke down as well..........

Classic Pipe

An all time classic design Classic Pipe

A larger bowl for a bigger smoke, but still retaining the quality you expect from Weed City.

Classic Windproof

Windproof pipe Classic Windproof

This is a classic design with the added touch of a windproof top. Smoke it anywhere from top of a mountain to top of a speaker.....

Extender Pipe

One Hit Keyring Pipe Extender Pipe

This pipe has a tiny unobtrusive bowl, and the body of the pipe extends for a smoother smoke. Only suitable for one hit at a time.

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