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Activated Charcoal

A range of products featuring activated charcoal, for a smoother smoking experience.


Activated Charcoal 150g Bag

Activated Charcoal Activated Charcoal 150g Bag

This product can be used with the roor carbon filter bowl and the olive wood active charcoal bowl.

Activated Charcoal Olive Wood Bowl

Filter your Bowls Activated Charcoal Olive Wood Bowl

This bowl will fit on any normal stem fitting. The bowl splits in half and has a chamber filled with activated charcoal. This charcoal filters out tars that are harmful to your body. Smoothing the smoke and good for you too.

Pear Wood Pipe - Charcoal Filter

Warning Filters ZERO THC ! Pear Wood Pipe - Charcoal Filter

This unique handmade pear wood pipe, incorporates an activated charcoal filter. The active charcoal absorbs the condensates in the smoke which are harmful. Leaving you with a smoother smoke without loss of potency. Beautifully made pipe comes complete with a set of 10 filters.

Replacement Charcoal Filters

Filter for our Charcoal Pipe Replacement Charcoal Filters

These replacement filters are for the charcoal pipe. The pipe splits in half and the filters can be replaced. They filter the tars and nasty stuff out of your smoke. They DO NOT filter THC and really do smooth out your smoke. Enjoy.

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